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CO2 levy: Redistribution to companies in September

The revenue from the CO2 levy paid by the economy is redistributed to all employers in proportion to the settled AHV payroll of their employees.

The AHV compensation funds distribute the funds on the FOEN’s behalf by offsetting or paying out the respective amount.

Since 2018, the redistribution generally takes place in September, thus three months later than in previous years. This shift is attributable to the fact that, as of 1 January 2018, the unused funds from the building programme will be redistributed to the population and companies. Because the amount of these additional funds is not known until the middle of the year, the redistribution has been postponed for three months.

Important OASI data for 2018

In the following document we have compiled for you the most important social security data for 2018:

Explanatory video «Individual account statement »

Please order your individual account statement here: Account Statement (IA)